Democrats’ Voter ID Hypocrisy Questioned with Outdoor Media Buy

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Democrats’ Voter ID Hypocrisy Questioned with Outdoor Media Buy

Digital Billboards Placed on Approaches to Party’s 2016 Philadelphia Convention Site

American Principles SuperPAC is pleased to announce its first initiative for the 2016 Elections: digital billboards in high traffic locations along I-95, I-76 and State Road 291, all on approach to the Wells Fargo Center, site of the 2016 Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. The billboards (pictured above) raise awareness of the irony of Democratic Party’s nationwide efforts to degrade the integrity of our votes, one of the most precious Constitutional rights in our great nation.

A photo ID is a basic prerequisite for so many common activities, including getting on a plane at the airport, using a credit card, buying a beer, checking into a hotel, and taking out a library book. A PHOTO ID IS ALSO REQUIRED TO PICK UP PASSES FOR THE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION!!!

We must ask that if a photo ID is required for all these basic activities as well as to access their Convention, why would the Democrats push for voting WITHOUT a photo ID?

The Democrats’ ongoing hypocrisy was further highlighted today when Bernie Sanders supporters were denied entry to the Democratic Convention because they lacked proper credentials.

There is yet another great contradiction on full display at the Democrats’ Convention. While the Party’s agenda includes an assault on Americans’ Constitutional 2nd Amendment gun ownership rights, convention-goers are surrounded and protected by thousands of gun-carrying guards and police. Not one Democrat has called for any of them to disarm.

Free, fair and honest elections are the hallmark of our democracy since our great nation was founded. Millions of Americans have fought and died to protect this incredible privilege.

Isn’t our democracy worth protecting? Why would the Democrats promote voting without a photo ID? And, given that nearly all known incidents of voter fraud have benefitted Democrat candidates, is that their agenda?

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