Local 10 WPLG Miami/Ft.Lauderdale News Broadcast

Posted on Wednesday October 10, 2012 2 Comments ››

Local 10 WPLG Miami/Ft.Lauderdale News Broadcast

Obama, gas prices billboard draws attention.
Local 10 WPLG Miami/Ft.Lauderdale

A billboard depicting President Barak Obama bowing down to a Middle Eastern oil supplier is drawing attention across South Florida.

The big yellow billboards along most major highways in South Florida compare gas prices on the day President Obama was sworn in, $1.89 per gallon, to the price of regular unleaded today, $3.89 per gallon. A picture in the middle shows the President’s infamous bow to the Saudi King in 2009 and implies that Mr. Obama is responsible for the price of gas nearly doubling during his first term.

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  1. DENNIS says:

    I am just seeing this and frankly it piss me off. I’m so damn glad i don’t live there. All yall doing is black balling the president. SO GO TO HELL ON THAT!!!

  2. John Bush says:

    I hope it is still up. We need more of this in Ohio. The low information voters in this areaapparently can be brainwashed by their union stewards and bosses so easily. I wonder if we could convince them to jump off bridges to lower the numbers who don’t know what America stands for throughout the world?

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