Looking Back at 4 Years of OBAMA “Change”

Posted on Thursday July 05, 2012 2 Comments ››

Hope and Change – 4 years later video from Fox & Friends – real eye opener.


  1. hoop-a says:

    eligiblity increased, change did happen in bounds, jobs are out there,,,,need to get the Americans into them, ….education requires much more funding

  2. Kushi says:

    Excellent, hopeful post! Romney’s seeiltcon of Paul Ryan as his running mate has invigorated those of us who seek to restore the republic by electing leaders who value our fundamental principles and propose policies that have already been demonstrated to work. I pray that in November we have sufficient numbers who recognize the contrast at some level in their lives and say No’ to the current slide to tyranny. Then it’s time to stand behind those new leaders to give them the courage and support to change course and begin the hard work to rebuild our sovereign nation. As I sit here this morning, listening to NPR in the background, one of the first things we should consider for the first100 days is pulling the plug on all of the federal dollars (i.e. our money) we spend to as you say, wash our own brains . Free speech is fine, on their own dime. Thanks for the great post!

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