“STOP OBAMA” Gas Price Billboard Campaign Goes Live!

Posted on Friday September 28, 2012 4 Comments ››

“STOP OBAMA” Gas Price Billboard Campaign Goes Live!



  1. Maria says:

    I am just wondering if the president can explain to Taylor Morris why he is bowing…

  2. Chuck Orange says:

    Your billboard has already hit facebook…It is excellent. Having spent 6 years in the middle east working I do not like that place. And they are actively trying to screw us to the wall. We had better get alternative energy sources fast.

  3. Not humored says:

    Bush Jr went into office an gas was a hair over a dollar a gallon, whole way through gas bounced back between $2.50 and $4.20 around me, and magically dropped down just under $2 for a week when presidency transitioned from Jr to Bama… My immediate thought 4 years ago… someone is going to post a billboard like this and blame the price of gas on Bama.

    What does all that fine print say?
    Will you post my clearly opposing comment on your site?

  4. hugene says:

    Politic is very disgusting this days. It does not matter who wins the elections, at the end of the story it is all about obtaining the power. The coin has two faces and whatever side is facing up, it stil has the same value.

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