Vice President Biden Laughing at the Issues.

Posted on Friday October 12, 2012 1 Comment ››

 Vice President Biden Laughing at the Issues. 


  1. Patricia says:

    Biden is a disgrace !He was like a kid that smiles and fidgets around when they know they have been caught in a lie in BIDEN/OBAMA’S case many,many,many LIES !!We can only hope the american people WAKE UP !! This country of ours can’t afford 4 more years of LIES,CHEATERS, AND STRONG ARM POLITICS !!!! Joe Biden seems to have LOST IT ! I can imagine behind closed doors OBAMA treats Biden just the same as Biden treated Ryan last night laughing at everything that comes out of joe’s mouth BUT that I could see this man is unfit for CLOWN SCHOOL let alone the V.P.

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