American Principles SuperPAC Announces Major Outdoor Media Initiative

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American Principles SuperPAC
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October 17, 2012
Tampa, Florida

American Principles SuperPAC Announces Major Outdoor Media Initiative

Plans in Place for 50 Billboards as well as other Traditional Messaging and Social Media

 American Principles SuperPAC is pleased to announce its first major outdoor media buy in several metro areas. To date, the PAC has posted 43 billboards throughout Florida and initiated an email and internet media campaign targeting independent and undecided voters in “swing” states. Additional outdoor media, combined with social media and traditional initiatives, are in the works for several states.

With Election Day rapidly approaching, American Principles SuperPAC has focused on informing voters and consumers about the connection between the Obama Administration’s misguided energy policies and the unprecedented long-term rise in gasoline prices. When President Barack Obama took office in January 2009, the average price for gasoline was $1.89 a gallon. Today, it has more than doubled to nearly $4.00 a gallon.

As President Obama has deployed an unprecedented foreign policy approach vis-à-vis the Arab world that many have labeled as an “apology tour”, he also made it far more complicated to obtain permits to drill for oil at home.  In fact, at a time when we must lessen our dependence on Middle East and foreign oil more than ever, Obama has reduced the number of drilling permits in the U.S. by nearly 40%!

Incredibly, President Obama also blocked the pipeline that would have brought low-priced oil from Canada to the U.S. The Keystone XL Pipeline would not only have brought millions of barrels of oil from Canada, but would also have created more than 20,000 well-paying U.S. jobs in the construction process alone.

The result? Americans are forced to pay whatever foreign oil-producing countries decide to charge. Instead of supporting initiatives to reduce the cost and availability of gasoline, Barack Obama has done the complete opposite.

Countries like Saudi Arabia are raking in billions of additional U.S. dollars every year since Obama took office.  Several other oil-producing nations run by anti-American despots and tyrants are also benefiting from the higher oil prices.  As it rolls in foreign cash, Iran is planning every day to destroy Israel and America in a nuclear Armageddon.  Libya, where the Muslim Brotherhood gained control under President Obama’s watch and neglect, and where our ambassador and three other brave American Soldiers were killed as our consulate was firebombed in a premeditated act of terrorism on the Anniversary of 9/11, has also been benefiting from the higher oil prices.

The bottom line? In addition to the less measureable but very real increase in U.S.” transfer payments” to potential terror-funding nations, it now costs the average family approximately $2,700 more a year just to fill up. That’s a big tax increase!

As a point of debate, naysayers may contend that gasoline prices briefly rose above $4.00 per gallon in 2008, the year before Barack Obama took office. However, this was a short-lived one-time spike, and the price was also as low as $1.65 that same year. A far more relevant statistic gas prices rose at an average rate of only 2.5% per year during 8 years of the Bush administration, while they have doubled in only 3-1/2 years under Obama, and the rise has been steady.

To summarize, it is no coincidence that Barack Obama’s policies have resulted in such dramatic increases in gasoline prices, costing American families thousands of hard-earned dollars every year.

About American Principles SuperPAC

Organized in advance of the November 2012 elections, American Principles SuperPAC represents a group of small business owners and professionals concerned about the direction of our country under the Obama Administration. Supporting or opposing Federal candidates through independent expenditures, the PAC’s agenda includes promoting the following sound policies and principles:

→ Principle of American Exceptionalism

→ A foreign policy based on Moral Clarity (i.e. distinguishing between allies and enemies)

Sound and conservative fiscal and monetary policies, and

Limited intervention of government in the private sector.

For more information or to support the work of American Principles SuperPAC, please visit the PAC’s website at

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